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What kind of leathers do you work with?

Our pieces are mainly made our of a quality vegetable tanned (or veg tan) cow hide. Occasionally we will work with combination tanned water buffalo hide. In our material choices we look for a balance between affordability, durability and sustainability. Veg tan leathers are tanned with the use of natural vegetable tannins to alter the protein structure of the hide, making it leather.

Cow and buffalo hides give us a lot of leather to work with and are essentially industrial waste from meat and agricultural industries. This is why we work with these hides over others.

If you would be interested in any of our product made from a vegan leather please sent us a note we're more than happy to make that happen, but we are a small business and can't stock the material regularly.

How do we ensure a good fit?

Though we specialize in wearable pieces that are flattering on plus size bodies. We make wearable pieces for all bodies!

Since our pieces are made to order we fit our pieces for your body specifically and leave room for any fluctuations that might happen throughout the piece's life!

When ordering a wearable piece please include your measurements in the notes section to ensure your piece is made as quickly as possible!

How do you approach gender in your products?

All of our products are unisex. We size by measurement and strive to make products that fit a range of gender expressions.

We know the weight and thickness of the hardware and leather make a big difference in feeling comfortable in our products. If you would like on of our designs to be modified slightly to better fit your gender please feel free to contact us using our Custom Work page.

Who the heck are we?

Fruit Punch is a queer owned and operated collective based in Halifax, NS. We want to create space for queer folks designing leather goods. Our products will vary based on the makers available.